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codeboxes framework

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The codeboxes framework is a group of actionscript3 libraries that are working together or by themselves. Depending on your priorities, you can pick one library and add it to your project or you can use the entire framework as a whole. Some of the libraries are even optional, like recycling. So your code will not break, if you don't add it to your project. But if you do add it, all other added codeboxes libs will work as expected.

You can download the complete codeboxes framework with all libraries included at the download section. Or you pick the single libraries you need by searching the menu on the left.

Except for the full framework and the base library, you have two or three files per version in all other libraries:

  • The stal_plus stands for stand alone plus and means that all required and all optional codeboxes libraries are included and you do not need to add any other swc files from the codeboxes framework to your own project.
  • The stal stands for stand alone and means that only all required codeboxes libraries are included but not the optional ones.
  • No addition to the filename means that all other needed libraries are not included and you have to download and add them to your project on your own.

The license of the codeboxes framework is the MIT License. So you can do whatever the fun you want with it.


version 1.2 | released on Apr 15th 2016 | documentation

Added some new part libraries:
  • assets
  • processing
  • conditions

version 1.1 | released on Jan 5th 2016 | documentation

Updated part libraries of the codeboxes framework with new features:
  • Generate classes at runtime with the help of the as3commons libraries listed in the dependencies
  • Updated trace statements

version 1.0 | released on Aug 29th 2015 | documentation


Currently I am working on a new module:
monitor [this will show you what the single codeboxes libraries and your app are doing and holding by a special views for logs, structures, performance and a command line]

known issues

Please see the single libraries to get more information on the known issues.


Stefan Dubsky - stefan[at]codeboxes.com


known issues


tic tac toe example